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Our System

Our system of martial arts comes from the studies of Professor Nick Cerio. Professor Cerio studied under and with some of the most prominent names in the martial arts world. Professor Cerio received his Fifth Dan from Professor William K.S. Chow and was one of Professor Chow’s earliest students. In 1983 Grandmaster Ed Parker awarded Professor Cerio a Ninth Dan in Kenpo, under the auspices of the International Kenpo Karate Association. In 1989, after receiving his professorship from Professor Thomas Burdine, the World Council of Sokes ranked Professor Cerio a Tenth Degree Black Belt.

Professor Cerio was recognized as one of Kenpo’s greatest practitioners. Over the course of his life he studied and practiced many diverse styles of martial arts from Jiu Jitsu to American boxing, from Chinese Tai Chi to Okinawa weapons and many more. He created his style of Kenpo by incorporating the best elements and techniques from his expansive repertoire. Our system uses in close, circular motion, which creates power as opposed to requiring the power to come from the individual. Our system is designed for anyone to use, regardless of size or strength. Our system teaches self-defense that is appropriate for men, women and children.

All of our instructors and assistant instructors have been trained in Nick Cerio’s Kenpo and promoted by the owner of the school Sensei Bill Powers. Licensed in Nick Cerio’s Kenpo.

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